Ene Craft Gin - Tomato 70 cl 40%

399 DKK

ENE Organic Gin - TOMATO.

Tomato gin. Yes, we know what you must be thinking - no way. But don’t worry. Despite the name, this tomato gin has a clean and clear taste. It is not meant to taste like tomatoes. But if you smell it, it should give you a hint of herbs and the warmth of a greenhouse with fresh tomatoes on the stem. 

Although it does not taste like tomato, it is made to give you the best possible version of the classic Bloody Mary. ENE Tomato gin's notes go amazingly well with the tasty cocktail. 

If you prefer the more classic and simple, it can also be enjoyed with a fresh basil leaf and a slice of dried tomato accompanied by an aromatic tonic like Fever Tree Aromatic.