ENE Organic Gin - Rosemary 70 cl. & 2 Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water 500 ml.

425 DKK

With the Rosemary bundle you have the oppurtunity to make a delicious Gin & Tonic with fresh herb aromas. Despite rosemary's otherwise strong aroma of pine needles, it is the subtle notes of eucalyptus and fresh lavender that come into play after distillation.

The package consists of:
ENE Organic Gin - Rosemary (70cl)
2 x FT Mediterranean tonic water (2 x 50 cl)

How to make it:
Fill a glass with ice
Pour ENE Rosemary into the glass
Make sure to stir thoroughly and for a long time. It is important to release the right nuances of flavor in your Gin & Tonic and at the same time provide the right temperature
Top with tonic water
Garnish with a sprig of fresh rosemary