Ene Craft Gin - Navy Strength 70 cl 57%

449 DKK

ENE Organic Gin - Navy Strength

ENE Navy Strength maintains an alcohol content of over 57% and provides a more intense gin experience.

Navy Strength is said to have originated in the English Navy at a time where gunpowder and bullets were used. Gin was of great importance to the navy at the time. The story goes, that some of the officers were suspicious of the quality of the gin. So they tested the gin by seeing whether it could ignite gunpowder. If it could, it kept an alcohol percentage of over 57% and was therefore approved.

ENE Navy Strength is organic and distilled in the middle of Bornholm. Although it has a higher alcohol percentage than the typical gin, it can easily be drunk clean with lots of ice. 

ENE Navy Strength tastes great in a Dry Martini or in a classic Gin & Tonic with lemon or lime and a dry tonic like Fever Tree Indian Tonic. However, remember to stir the gin well with the ice before topping with tonic.