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ENE Organic Gin - Sea buckthorn 40%

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ENE Sea Buckthorn tastes of Bornholm. It is distilled with Sea Buckthorn from the Island. The sea buckthorn comes from Høstet, a sea buckthorn plantation outside Svaneke. Sea buckthorn is a breath of fresh air for every product. Therefore, it also gives a gin that is fresh and summery in its taste.

If you want to drink it as a Gin & Tonic, we can recommend drinking it with a little bit of honey (preferably from Bornholm), a little forest sorrel and frozen/fresh sea buckthorn. On the tonic front, we can recommend a slightly sweeter tonic such as Fever Tree Mediterranean.

Cocktail recipes for ENE Organic Gin - Sea Buckthorn:

Sea Buckthorn Gin & Tonic

Sun above Gudhjem

Bee's Knees

Sea Buckthorn Sour


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