ENE Organic Gin - Rhubarb vol. 40%

399 kr
ENE Organic Rhubarb (Limited Edition) 70 cl.

Our new rhubarb gin is summer taste in bottle. With its fresh and warm aroma, it can be enjoyed both with Bornholms Mosteri's rhubarb juice, or as a more classic G&T with Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic. 

Add rhubarb is distilled with rhubarb residues from Bornholms Mosteri's production of their wonderful, tasty rhubarb juice. In the manufacture of rhubarb juice, they use more than 50 tons of fresh rhubarb annually. We collect some of the leftovers and use it in our own production. It is our goal to expand the collaboration, where we recycle leftovers from their products, to produce new exciting and tasty spirits varieties. 

We have only produced 1000 bottles This time.