ENE Organic Gin - Elderflower vol. 40%

399 DKK

ENE Organic Elderflower (Limited Edition) 70 cl.

The elderflower blooms in mid-June, once a year. In order to welcome the summer properly, we have created ENE Elderflower. It is the taste and smell of Danish summer.

ENE Elderflower is distilled with hand-picked, organic elderflowers from Svaneke on Bornholm and Bornholms Mosteri's elderflower juice. We've added a little extra elderflower juice from the Mosteri after the distillation, to give it a little more flavor.

The gin has a slightly perfumed aroma, just like elderflowers in full bloom. Apart from elderflower, it is dominated by juniper and elegant notes of citrus.

ENE Elderflower is released as a Limited Edition gin. It is therefore intended that you should be able to both smell and taste the elderflower.

Try it with the elderflower juice from Bornholms Mosteri. If you are more into a G&T, try Fever Tree's Elderflower or Mediterraean tonic water.

We have only produced 1000 bottles this time.