Wild Distillery Bornholm has the opportunity to deliver private label / special print bottles to your company.

With our inhouse flatbed printer, we can, in collaboration with you, create special designs on the bottles, where quality and attention to detail are of greatest interest. The bottles can also be delivered in beautiful gift boxes with logo glasses or tonic.

Need a corporate gift?

Many of our customers use the bottles and gift boxes for corporate gifts for their employees, board members or customers just as Brandhouse Group has done with their beautiful bottle with the quote & quot; LET 2021 BE GIN & quot; on the front. However, there are many options. The custom bottles can also be used as merchandise, for resale or for marketing to name a few examples.

Private label flaske til virksomhedsgave for selskabet Brandhouse Group
Special print vodka flaske med Poul Pava design

3D-like effect

The design of the bottle consists of three printed surfaces. Front, middle layer and back. It gives a special and interesting 3D-like effect, which means that the bottles can be extra eye-catching. This is an example of our own Poul Pava designed vodka bottle. On the front page is the imprinted & quot; Fuck The Good VODKA & quot; and the middle layer shows a print of Poul Pavas own drawing.

No compromises on quality

The print on the custom print / private label bottles is of the same high quality as our own gin and vodka bottles. It is also the same gin and vodka we use for the custom bottles, as for our own products. All gin is distilled on hand-built copper kettles from the Müller Brennerianlagen in Oberkirch.

Custom print / private label gin for Aston Martin Copenhagen. Økologisk dansk gin fra Bornholm.

Are you interested?

Feel free to contact us with your needs via the form below - or call us on + 45 70 70 77 42. We look forward to hearing from you!