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Wild Mary Burning | Wild Distillery Bornholm

Wild Mary Burning

This cocktail is made in collaboration with a Danish cocktail bar and is full of delicious flavour.


  • 4 cl REN Vodka Liquorice
  • 3 cl Rosemary syrup
  • 3 cl Elderflower syrup
  • 2 cl Lime juice
  • 1 Sprig of rosemary


All ingredients, except the rosemary sprig, are placed in a large glass, which is filled with ice cubes. The whole thing is then stirred 30-50 times, where you can taste along the way, until the cocktail is balanced according to your own taste buds. The liquid is then poured into a glass with ice. Finally, you can take a burner and lightly burn the rosemary sprig so that it gives off a lovely rosemary aroma, and place it on the edge of the glass, as shown in the picture.

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Wild Botanicals Sloe & Oaked Edition.

Denne gin er helt speciel, da den er helt fra begyndelsen. Det er en Wild Distillery "First Edition"

Når du køber en flaske, gin, vodka eller akvavit i September måned, deltager du automatisk i lodtrækningen om en af vores Wild Botanicals Sloe Gin.

Wild Botanicals Sloe & Oaked edition er lavet på vilde bornholmske enebær og produceret i meget begrænset mængde.

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