Southside. A classic with a wild story?!

There is much speculation about the origin of the cocktail. Some rumors are that it was Al Capone's go-to cocktail. Regardless of its origin, it is quite a refreshing cocktail, which is nicely balanced by the fresh, slightly spicy and aromatic mint. Of course, we make Southside with ENE Organic Gin - Mint, as it goes well with the remaining ingredients in the cocktail.


'Muttle' a handful of mint leaves and put them in a shaker with lime juice, sugar syrup, ENE Mint gin and plenty of ice. Shake the shaker well and strain the contents into a cocktail glass. Garnish with fresh mint. It can also be made into a Southside 'Fizz' if topped up with sparkling water.

Enjoy it in good company or with your favorite Chicago gangster movie.