ENE Orange blossom cocktail

Orange Blossom may not be a cocktail everyone knows, but it is certainly a cocktail with many years behind it. In the old days, when the quality of gin was extremely poor, it was mixed with all kinds of sweet drinks and sugar to make it drinkable. In an attempt to alleviate the bad taste of gin, someone came up with mixing the gin with orange juice and vermouth and that’s how Orange Blossom came to be.

Today the quality of gin is thankfully far better and Orange Blossom is quite an excellent cocktail. It's definitely solid for a late brunch, but do not let that deter you from shaking an Orange Blossom together at any time of the day.

The quality of the gin is important just like in any other cocktail. It can easily be made with our Original Dry, but we have made it with ENE Orange, as it has a wonderful, fresh citrus aroma.


  • 4 cl. ENE Orange gin
  • 4 cl. Sweet vermouth
  • 4 cl. freshly squeezed orange juice


  • Fill a shaker with ice
  • Pour ENE Orange gin, sweet vermouth and orange juice in the shaker and shake it
  • Strain the contents into a chilled cocktail glass
  • Enjoy it!

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